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Welcome to Champion!  We are Doug and Sherrill Moard.  We are in Freedom, Wisconsin on eight rural acres of land.  After obtaining our first dog, a golden retriever named Alex, we have been enthusiastic about goldens. Doug had never owned a dog before Alex, and it was at the suggestion of our vet that we made the decision to get a dog of that breed.  It is a decision we have never regretted.  Within a couple of years we got another golden from the same breeder that sold us Alex, and Dusty was a great dog as well.  Doug hunted pheasants with them and they were wonderful in the field.  What a treat it was to watch their excitement when the hunting clothes came out and the enthusiasm with which they hunted!  They were very athletic and graceful in the field when they were chasing a bird. Sherrill and the kids taught them all sorts of tricks. They were simply a joy to have around. We enjoyed them so much we eventually began mulling over becoming breeders ourselves. 

Our original breeder has retired but we remain great friends, and we still sometimes look to her for advice.  Her philosophy was to breed very good dogs that were of good temperament to be great family dogs.  She also made sure she bred dogs that had good field skills.  Goldens are, after all, working dogs.  They were originally bred to hunt.  She carefully selected breeding stock that were free of defects, so that the puppies had the best chance of  long and healthy lives with their owners. 

Finally, she tried to keep prices within the reach of almost everybody.  It is in that spirit that we now offer golden retriever puppies for sale.  We are new to this business, but we have studied other breeders and what they offer for sale.  We are trying to offer dogs of similar quality for a little less money. Accordingly, we don't spare expense when purchasing dogs or stud services. 

To do so would not bring the quality of puppy to you that we would like to offer.  We are in the business because we love goldens and we want you to enjoy your new dog as much as we have enjoyed ours.  We check things like hips and eyes, and if we aren't satisfied the dog isn't bred.  Nothing would be more disappointing than finding out the dog you love has developed hip problems at an early age.  We take reasonable care as breeders so that doesn't happen to you.  Now, we hope you look around our site and enjoy learning about our dogs.